Best Drones for Beginners You Should Consider (2017)

When it comes to buying an RC product like RC Car, RC Plane, RC Boat and the most growing RC Drones most of us spend the whole lot of money in these products but one feels hatred when after purchasing a product he/she doesn’t know ho to use it. This often happens when someone is new to something, we mean if he/she is a beginner to drones or RC products then they will have to face difficulties. So in the article, we will be talking about drone specific consumers, in this article, we will tell you about some of the “Best Drones for Beginners”. Every person has the different expectation from the same product, So we will try to share some drones which are best in terms of price as well as well as in terms of controls. This list will include drones of different prices because the budget varies from customer to customer.

Below are the best drones for beginners you can look.

1.) Syma X5C Quad-copter

It is the first and one of the best drone in our list. It is easy to operate and is equipped with a 6-axis Gyro stabilization system which ensures maximum stability and flexibility. If one is buying a drone for the first time then it will be unfair to spend 500$-600$, that’s the main reason where Syma X5c shines. It is wind resistant which means it can be flown indoors as well as outdoors. The drone is having 4-colourful flashing light which makes it more visible if you are flying it at night. You can play with it as in one click of a button it performs 360-degree flips. The drone houses a 500mAh lithium polymer battery which gives 7 min of flying time and takes 100 min to charge it. It also has an HD camera which can do aerial photography up to a certain extent. It also comes with 4GB SD-card which helps to capture videos and photos. You can also do a bit of tweaking as by purchasing an upgraded camera with Wi-Fi one can enjoy first person view. It is not having any sort of stabilizing tech so you will often get shaky shots but for the price of around 45$ you can’t expect anymore.

2.) Dromida Ominus (UAV )

It is the second drone in our list and has an overall different design from other quadcopters. It falls into the category of toys. If you want to fly it in the night then there a bright colored LED’s in it. It is equipped with high powered motors and it also has Gyro stabilization system which helps to make it stable. The drone has 4 flight modes, secure link technology, 2.4Ghz radio system which makes it on of the best drones for beginners. It has a tough plastic airframe that can easily survive routine crashes. The drone runs on a 700mAh lithium polymer battery which gives a flight time of 12-15 min. The drone takes around 50 min to charge it to full. It a simple controller which is easy to understand and the drone can also some stunts like flips in one click. The maximum height this drone can fly is 90-100 feet and there is no GPS so you have to be careful. The drone is light weight and you can capture images as there is no camera but its upgraded version offers an HD camera. The drone is priced at 49$.

3.) Coocheer Syma X8C venture

It is the third drone in our list and is from the brand Syma. It is a toy grade quadcopter but still comes with 6-axis Gyro stabilization system which ensures better performance. It is also equipped with a feature called IOC(Intelligent Orientation Control). The design of the X8C looks very similar to the hat of the Dji Phantom 3 but it is purely designed to fulfill beginner drone needs. It has brushed motors which offer enough power to fly it with an ease. It has a fixed 2MP camera which can take HD pictures, there is nothing for stabilization as in this range you won’t get anything like gimbals. The drone runs on a massive 2000mAh lithium polymer battery which gives it a flight time of 12-15 min and takes around 190-200 min to charge. The weight of the drone including propellers, the battery is 612 grams. It comes with an intelligent headless mode. It can also perform 360-degree flips at a click of a button. It is priced around 66$.

4.) Horizon Hobby Blade nano

Hobby blade nano is a lightweight drone and is small enough to fly in indoors as well as in outdoors. Even the brand says that if this is your first time flying a quadcopter that you will not face any problem. It offers SAFE technology which gives stability and agility modes. It is an RTF ready to fly a drone, you just have to insert the battery. It comes with pre-installed propeller guards which is a good thing. It runs on a small 150mAh battery which gives the flying time of around 7 min and takes around 25-30 min to fully charge. It comes with a simple joystick-like controller. The response of the drone is quick and fast. It runs on 4 cordless brushed motors which are powerful enough to fly this lightweight drone. The maximum range of the controller is 40 feet which is adequate. It has no camera, no GPS system as it is designed more like a toy. You can get one for yourself for 60$.

5.) Hubsan x4

It is the last drone in our list of drones for beginners and is available in 3 variants. The first variant comes without camera, the second variant has a camera and the third variant has a camera with the support of FPV first person view. It has a very good design with lightweight airframe and durability. It is equipped with 6-Axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity. It has a 0.3MP camera which records video in 240 x 480 pixel resolution. It has a fixed module so you will not get any sort of stabilizer or something. It runs on a 380mAh lithium polymer battery which takes around 30 min to charge and gives 7 min of flying time. It is not having GPS system so you have to look after it at times. It is not a windproof drone so better fly it in indoor conditions. The version that comes with a camera without FPV is priced at 40$ on Amazon.

This is our list of some best Drone for beginners which you should consider if you are new to this machine. If you know about some better options than do tell us in the comment box.

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