Best Drones Under 300$ You Should Consider

The post is about some best drones under 300$ you can buy. Drone, when we think about this term the first thing that comes to our mind is a miniature of a Helicopter or a small object that can fly. Earlier the drones were introduced as a kind of toy, children used to play with them, but slowly the interest of the people of all ages increased in it which gives birth to a more complex, more sturdy, more functional and also comparatively more cheaper device. Nowadays these Drones are available in a large variety- with Camera/without Camera, with powerful or a regular motor, Quad-Copters/Hexa-Copters/Octa-Copters, with Display/without display and what not but the question arises, when you think about buying one for yourself. What drone should I buy? What are its advantages? And Yes the most important What is its price?
So, in this article, we’ll be telling you some of the Best Drones under 300$ you can buy if your budget is that much. If your budget is low then you can also check our list of best drones under 200 dollars or 100 dollars.

Below are the best Drones under 300$

1.) Upair One

Upair one is one of the Best working drones in this range, it offers a large variety of features including a 7.0(inch) large Display on the controller. For recording videos and clicking pictures it is available in two variants with different Cameras, the top variant can record up to 4K videos while the regular variant can record 2K videos. It has a 12MP Sony Illumination CMOS sensor with which you can record time-lapse videos as well and for ensuring stabilization in your videos there is a 2-Axis gimbal which is undetachable. Maximum communication range is between 600-800m. The complete weight of the drone is 1280 grams including Camera, battery, gimbal. It runs over a Li-polymer 5400mAh battery. Its maximum horizontal speed is 12m/s. It has amazing features like low-power return to home, signal lost return to home. For indicating battery level there are LED’s on the drone. The maximum flight time offered by a 5400mAh battery is 19 min. It sports powerful brushless motors which give it the maximum velocity of 14m/s, and its U-shaped design provides better stability. You can buy it for around 295$ through Amazon.

2.) Traxxas Aton Quadcopter

Traxxas ia very well known name in terms of RC products, they make superior and fastest RC products. The drone falls in a different category as it is made more inclined towards sports. The drone comes with 3 modes- Shooting mode, Sports mode, and Expert mode. The drone is powered by brushless motors which give it enough power to perform your mission. Its looks more like a compound of a Boat and a Race car but fortunately its a powerful drone. It comes with a controller which doesn’t have any sort of big display and the versions of the Traxxas Aton are available, one with 3000mAh battery and a fixed camera mount and the other with a 5000mAh battery+2-Axis gimbal, neither of the two comes with a Camera. The drone can do flips and have some special features like return to home, Air brakes, which are most useful features for any drone under 300 dollars. The total weight of the Aton including the battery is 860 grams which are comparatively lighter. On one charge you can fly it for 18-20 minutes but the times may vary if a camera will be attached to it. The notification LED’s are present on the roll hoop. Ts comes with integrated GPS as well. Traxxas Flight link app is available for Android and iOS by which you can turn off its LED, can tune it, etc. You can buy it for around 300$.

3.) Parrot Bebop Quadcopter

It is the third best drone in our list, it comes with a different design language and the unique fact is that it doesn’t come with a separate controller. One can operate it via their smartphones through Free Flight Pro app available for Android, iOS, and Windows. For better stability, it makes use of 3 sensors- Accelerometer, Gyroscope, and Magnetometer. It is equipped with a 14MP(Fisheye) Camera that enables the user to take wide 180-degree angle shots and videos up to Full HD resolution. As per the brand, it comes with 3-Axis stabilization which will reduce the shakes of the video. For connectivity Parrot, Bebop has Dual-band Wi-Fi and the drone generates its own hotspot network to connect your mobile device. The weight of the device including battery is 410 grams which is lightest as it has ABS-reinforced structure. Th Bebop also comes with the return to home feature but as per the users, it doesn’t work correctly. It is available in 3 color options Yellow, Blue and Red. You can buy it for 290$.

4.) 3DR Solo Drone

It is from the house of 3D Robotics and the drone is mainly designed to take care of your cinematic videos and photos. This drone doesn’t sport a Gimbal but separately as an accessory it is available. As per the brand, it is the first of its kind as it has twin 1Ghz processors in it. It features functions like pushbutton flight, computer assisted smart shots. It is also the world’s first drone in which you can directly stream video from your GoPro to the mobile device. You can also start/stop recording on your GoPro while flying it. For safety, it comes with some features like Pause and Safety net. It offers amazing photo and video recording features like Orbit, Follows me, Selfie and Cable cam. It has a game like a controller which makes it easy for anyone to control Solo drone. It also has return to home option and the maximum flight time is between 18-20 minutes. The controller has no display but you can use your smartphone or tablet anyway you can buy it for 260$.

5.) Hubsan H501S X4

It is last and one of the best drones under 300$ you can buy, it comes with the headless mode which enables the user to control it without a confusion. The quadcopter is equipped with a camera which is tuned for capturing beautiful photos and videos, the controller of the X4 is having a 4.3(inch) screen in which you can view the real-time video captured by your drone. Though the resolution of the display is 480 x 272 pixels. It comes with follow me mode which makes use of GPS to track your location and follow you. It runs over powerful brushless motors which are battery efficient as well. If the quadcopter is out of range then return to home feature is also there. The maximum control distance is 800m. It houses a 2700mAh Lithium battery which gives it a flying time of 20 minutes. You can buy it for 270$.

Hope you like our list of best drones under 300$. Let us know in the comment box below if you need to know anything else. While if you are looking for costly drones then you can check best drones under 500$ dollars.

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